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Meet Our Team 



Randy Williams 

Pastor Randy is a 3rd generation minister & has served for over 18 years. Together, he & his wife Mary have been given a vision by God, to have a place where, Pastors, their staff and ministry members can retreat in fellowship & prepare for the next ministry year. He is currently a teaching Pastor at, Freewater Church in Winston-Salem, NC. 


Founder/Director of Elk Horn Haven 

Mary Williams

Mary is a co-founder of Elk Horn Haven and Pastor Randy's wife. She has been serving alongside Pastor Randy for many years and currently directs & oversee's the Elk Horn Haven Property and continues to pour out her heart and service to this ministry. 

Stan, Andrea Tuttle, Lead Pastors.jpg

Lead Pastors of Freewater Church

Pastor's Stan & Andrea Tuttle

Passionate for God & about people. These two have given their lives to the ministry of the Gospel. After being worship leaders in the local church, God directed this couple to pioneer and co-pastor Freewater Church together in, Winston-Salem, NC.


Administrative Assistant 

Alissa Rae

Alissa Rae has been serving in worship ministries since the age of 7. She recently answered the call upon her life to move across country to walk into God's calling upon her life. She is the admin assistant for Elk Horn Haven, & is currently the Social media Director for Freewater Church, in Winston-Salem, NC.

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