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Our History 

Elk Horn Haven is a ministry property of Freewater Church, which is located in Winston-Salem, NC; Pastored by, Pastor's Stan & Andrea Tuttle, as well as their teaching staff.


It was the vision of teaching Pastor ,Randy Williams & Mary, his wife; to make this vision come to life. 


Pastor Randy is a third generation minister and served in full time ministry for 18 years.


After experiencing a very difficult time in ministry, Pastor Randy and Mary were given the opportunity to take a retreat to get refreshed at no cost to them by another ministry. This was such a blessing to them and they never forgot that kindness.


Property History 

Elk Horn Haven is a ministry of Freewater Church. It was the vision of Freewater teaching Pastor Randy Williams and his wife Mary. The site of Elk Horn Haven is the original homestead of Pastor Randy’s family.

In 2020 when the home place became available, Pastor Randy and Mary felt led to purchase the property as a ministry and make it available to churches and pastors to use as a place to refresh, renew and reconnect with God.  Elk Horn Haven is donation based. 

Our Vision

The vision for Elk Horn Haven is to create a safe place for churches & ministries, along with their staff, to utilize our peaceful location as a retreat lodge to rest, recharge, train, & plan for the upcoming ministry year. 

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